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Dr. Andrew Cummins is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Connecticut.  Before entering medical school, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in education and taught in the inner-city of Peoria, Illinois for six years.  


Through teaching and serving with the Peoria Dream Center he came to realize that his calling was to help individuals change their lives for the better and become empowered through the use of education, life skills, and effective communication.  Even though teaching was a passion, severe chronic pain would lead him down a path that would change his life forever.  For seven years Dr. Cummins was caught in the world of prescription drugs.  As side effects became severe he started to experience chronic fatigue, anxiety attacks, depression, digestive problems, insomnia, heart palpitations, increased pain, and eventually became dependent on opioid painkillers.  After seven years of side effects and being told no more could be done for him, he realized that covering up his symptoms with drugs would never truly make him better.  


Dr. Cummins set out on a journey to overcome his condition and improve his quality of life without the use of drugs and to avoid even more of the damaging side effects the drugs were having on his body.  Within a year and a half he was free of all prescription drugs and knows first-hand the excruciating process of going through prescription opioid painkiller withdrawal.  Because of this experience and from seeing family, friends, and client after client that have been affected by the side effects of prescription drugs, Dr. Cummins is on a mission to help others improve their quality of life without the use of drugs and the risk of harsh side effects.  


This mission has led Dr. Cummins to the use of a lab-based functional medicine system aimed at looking for the underlying cause and dysfunction that is happening in the body that eventually leads to symptoms.  For seven years Dr. Cummins was caught in a system that focused only on symptom suppression with the use of drugs that only made his condition worse and led to severe side effects.  Because of this he offers an approach to his clients that not only goes beyond symptom suppression, but with natural protocols designed to support and strengthen the body at the most foundational level.  

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