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1-on-1 Coaching




Dr. Cummins’ functional medicine approach focuses on five areas. Your stress hormones, digestive system, spinal health, mitochondrial function, and liver detoxification.  


Through targeted functional lab testing, Dr. Cummins is able to assess underlying causes and physiological dysfunction and design individualized supplement protocols to support the above areas. The types of tests that Dr. Cummins uses are mainly stool, saliva, and urine.


Dr. Cummins Wellness is a cash-based practice and does not accept any insurance.  



New client consultation: 60 minutes: $295.  This is an information-gathering visit which will help to determine recommended functional lab testing.  


1st Follow-up consultation: 45 minutes: $240.  This is a functional lab review consult and supplement protocol design.  

Follow-up consultations thereafter: 30 minutes: $120.  Ongoing follow up is encouraged to adjust supplement protocols and for continued support.  









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